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About us
About us
We send robots to the fields

The Agrobots team recognizes the growing ecological awareness among food producers. We realize how important and future-oriented, but not easy, it is to switch production to sustainable and healthy processes. We want to facilitate this transformation by creating advanced, “thinking” robots that will eliminate the need to use herbicides in crops. The simplicity of use as well as the versatility allows the use of Agrobots devices in a diverse environment. We believe that Agrobots can also be applied in small and medium-sized farms. Our devices benefit from the surge of availability of modern technology to recognize the objects and the posibilities to precisely control the process.

Efficiency and ecology can go hand in hand

With our work, we want to contribute to the strong and effective robotization of agriculture. We believe that through innovation and continuous product development we can lead to a situation in which farmers will accept the new opportunities. We want our robots to be within the reach of farms of all sizes, where work in agriculture is treated seriously. The functionality and the availability of today’s technology allows for bolder building of specialized outdoor mobile solutions that process large amounts of data. We hope that our devices will be able to relieve the producers of healthy food by replacing the effort of manual human labor to an ever greater extent. We would like our devices to allow farmers to focus their attention on more important aspects of their business.


In the project, we use, among others, products and technologies:

The best mobile AI solutions available.
A high-level programming language ideally suited to the requirements of neural network technology.
Advanced architectures of machine learning algorithms.
Components for creating control systems, known in the industry for their durability and the ease of use.
Precise, durable, safe voltage powered servo drives.
Power generators that are durable and appreciated in the world for the quality of their components.